Heel Pain 101

Choose Your Footwear Carefully During the Holidays

Autumn is upon us and the holidays are approaching fast. Do you have your eyes on a new pair of fancy shoes for the upcoming holiday parties? If so, we want to give you a few tips on choosing appropriate holiday footwear. 

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Prevent Halloween Night Foot Pain

Happy Halloween! Here are some tips to help you keep your feet pain-free while you are out trick or treating tonight! 

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Heel Pain and Arthritis

With the cold weather settling in, more and more people seem to be noticing their arthritis acting up, and if that arthritis is in your feet, it may be causing big problems for you. 

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Autumn Heel Pain

Fall is finally here. The leaves are turning orange and gold, the holidays are fast approaching, and some of us are suffering some fall foot pain. 

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Dry and Cracked Skin on the Heels

Have you been suffering from dry skin on your foot or heel? If you this has been a problem for you, you may have heel fissures, which can become painful if not treated appropriately, and can even become infected if they become bad enough. 

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Heel Pain? Have You Tried Stretching?

Heel pain is a common issue that many people are suffering from, but there is actually a very easy, inexpensive solution that can help prevent that pain from occurring, or reduce heel pain if you already have it, and that solution is stretching. 

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Are High Heel Detrimental to Foot Health?

When treating foot pain, including heel pain, it is important to look at possible causes. If you merely treat the pain, and don’t bother to treat the cause of the pain, the pain can return as soon as treatment is stopped. 

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Remember to Vote for your Favorite Podiatrist for the 2013 Ruthies Awards

If you live in Rutherford or Cannon county in Tennessee, remember to vote for your favorite local businesses and individuals for the 19th annual Ruthies Awards!  

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Is Your Child Participating in Sports? Keep Foot Health in Mind

Sports activities are a common cause of heel pain in children, so we have some tips for you to help you prevent heel pain from developing in your child. 

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Common Treatments for Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common problem and there are several treatments for heel pain commonly prescribed by podiatrists. Of course, your treatment will depend on your particular case, but listed below are some treatments your podiatrist may recommend: 

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