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Common Foot and Heel Injuries Among Swimmers

Matthew Neuhaus - Friday, June 07, 2013

Swimming carries risks with it just like any sport. It is a great non-impact exercise, but it still puts strain on the feet and ankles.

Here are a few common foot problems among swimmers:

  • Foot cramps are common among swimmers. If you suffer a cramp while swimming, stop and try to massage the foot. To prevent cramps from occurring, stay hydrated and always stretch properly before you begin swimming. Yes, stretching is important even before swimming!
  • Some swimmers sustain injuries to their feet, especially their heels, while turning on the pool wall. Scrapes and cuts are not uncommon and there is even a name for it: swimmer’s heel.
  • Probably the most common injury among swimmers is Achilles tendonitis. The constant up and down movement of the feet can wear the tendons out and cause them to become irritated and inflamed. You can help to avoid the development of Achilles tendonitis by resting and not pushing yourself too hard. You can also vary the types of strokes you use when swimming. Some cause more stress on the tendons than others.
For more information on Achilles tendonitis, you can watch the video Dr. Jason Knox Discusses a Common Running Injury - Achilles Tendinitis
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