Heel Pain 101

Getting Ready to Buy New Shoes? Here Are Some Tips for Heel Pain Sufferers

Matthew Neuhaus - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When you are experiencing heel pain, one of the most important parts of your treatment is getting into appropriate, well-fitting footwear. If you are not wearing shoes that give your feet good support, it is going to be difficult to get rid of your foot pain.

Just about every foot condition can be helped by wearing supportive, well-constructed shoes, even conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel fissures, etc. And wearing proper shoes can help to prevent other conditions from ever developing, like Haglund’s deformity.

So here are some things to look for when you are buying new shoes.

  • Look for shoes that are, above all, comfortable. If your shoe is not comfortable, it is not a good shoe for your foot.
  • Make sure the shoe fits you well. If your toes are cramped and can’t move, that’s not good. Choose footwear that allows your toes enough room to move and wiggle. You don’t want shoes that are slipping up and down on your heel either. That will cause discomfort and can cause blisters to form.
  • Don’t choose flip-flops or flimsy sandals for everyday wear. Your feet need more support than that. Even with more supportive shoes, you may need a shoe insert or orthotic device to put inside for some extra support if you are having heel pain.
  • Another good tip is to look for shoes with softer soles. Shoes with softer soles have more shock absorption.
  • Try on shoes in the late afternoon or at the end of the day for a better fit.
  • Know your feet before you go shoe shopping and what they need from a shoe. If you are an athlete or a jogger, find out what type of foot you have. Are you an overpronater? That will affect your shoe choice.

You can always talk to your podiatrist about shoe choices and get recommendations.

For some help choosing athletic shoes, watch the video The Perfect Shoe Selection.
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