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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Matthew Neuhaus - Friday, November 29, 2013

First of all, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We wish you a wonderful  weekend and safe travels! We would like to remind you, though, to remember to pay attention your foot health while you are out and about. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is easy to get distracted and ignore your health and things you are supposed to be doing for your foot health.

Here are a few tips for staying pain free during the holiday weekend:

  • If you are on treatment, be sure to take it or apply it in an appropriate and timely manner. This sounds simple, but it is easy to forget to take a medicine or treatment when traveling. Try setting an alarm on your phone or watch so you don't forget.
  • If you have been advised by your podiatrist to do stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis or another foot problem, try not to skip out on those exercises no matter how busy you may be. Stretching exercises for heel pain are simple and can be done almost anywhere, so there is no excuse for not completing your exercises, even while on holiday!
  • If you are traveling by car or plane, remember to stop for breaks, or if in plane, get up and walk down the aisle and stretch. Sitting still for long periods of time may cause pain and discomfort.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! You may be walking a lot or standing in line at airports, or even at stores if you are shopping this Black Friday! You don't want to have to deal with foot pain during this time.

Again, have a wonderful holiday weekend and best of foot health to you!

For more information on foot and ankle problems and foot health in general, visit the Neuhaus Foot and Ankle YouTube Channel.

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