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Preparing for Your Podiatry Appointment

Matthew Neuhaus - Friday, November 22, 2013

Have you scheduled an appointment with your podiatrist? Some people who haven’t seen a podiatrist before don’t know what to expect or how they should prepare for their appointment.

Here are a few tips on things you can do before your visit to the office:

  • Write down any questions you might have for your podiatrist. It’s easy to forget a question you meant to ask when you actually get into the office. Your doctor and the staff will be asking you questions, and it is easier to remember your own if you have a list.
  • Write down your symptoms as well, and any medications you are currently on. This is information your podiatrist will need and it is important that you don’t leave anything out.
  • If you’ve had tests or X-rays done at other doctors’ offices, get copies and bring them with you or have them sent over.
  • Always check with your insurance provider about coverage. Some providers require a referral for podiatrists.
  • If you are having your foot or ankle problem while exercising/running/playing sports, bring along the shoes you usually wear when performing that activity.

Your podiatrist can help to educate you on proper shoe choices that may help to relieve your foot pain, shoe inserts, or another treatment option. It is your podiatrist’s job to help you get your feet healthy and pain-free and keep them that way. Don’t be afraid of the podiatrist! Your doctor is there to help, and no matter the treatment, your podiatrist will work to make it as pain-free and easy as possible.

For more information on foot and ankle problems and podiatry, visit the Neuhaus Foot & Ankle YouTube Channel.
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