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Start the New Year Off on the Right Foot

Matthew Neuhaus - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Most people start the New Year off with a set of resolutions, and in those resolutions are often goals to accomplish involving health. So, we would like to offer you some tips on foot health for 2014!


  1. If your resolutions involve starting an exercise program, go about it in a smart way.  With exercise, start slowly and if you haven't exercised in some time, see a doctor before you begin. Also,be  sure to wear the appropriate footwear for whatever exercise program you decide on. Starting a running regime is a popular resolution, but many people don't prepare properly and you can end up with injuries that way. Do research and make sure the footwear you choose is appropriate for your regime.

  2. If you're going on a diet in the New Year, be smart about that, too. It's best to consult a doctor before beginning a new diet. Remember, your diet has a huge impact on your health, so be very careful not to restrict yourself of nutrients. Dieting correctly is about making healthy choices, not avoiding food altogether.

  3. Resolve to follow through with stretching exercises in 2014, especially if you are suffering from heel pain like plantar fasciitis! Exercising and stretching our feet can help with so many types of foot pain, but many patients just won't or can't take the time to follow through with their stretching exercise routine. If that describes you, resolve to do this for yourself in 2014! And even if you don't have heel pain, stretching exercises for your feet and toes are a great addition to your exercise regime! The exercises can help strengthen the feet and toes and make them more flexible, which can help prevent foot problems from develop and help to prevent injuries!

For more information on general foot health and tips on keeping your feet healthy, visit the Neuhaus Foot & Ankle YouTube Channel!

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