Heel Pain 101

Is Your Child Experiencing Heel Pain?

If your child begins experiencing heel pain, you may be surprised. Foot pain is often associated with older people or people who are very active or work in demanding positions, not with children. 

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Simple At-Home Treatment Options For Calcaneal Apophysitis

Calcaneal apophysitis, also known as Sever’s disease, is the most common cause of heel pain in children and is most often seen in children between the ages of 8 and 14.  

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Sever's Disease: What is it?

Sever's disease, also known as calcaneal apophysitis, is a disease of the growth plate of the bone most common in children ages 10 to 15. It is characterized by pain in the heel of a child's foot typically brought on by some injury or trauma. 

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What Are The Most Common Causes of Heel Pain In Children?

Heel pain in children is a fairly common complaint. However, just because it is common, it does not mean the pain should be left untreated. Foot pain is never normal and should always be taken seriously. 

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