Calcaneal Fractures

A calcaneal fracture is a fracture located in the calcaneus, or the heel bone. Calcaneal fractures can be caused by trauma or can be due to repetitive stress on the bone.

The calcaneus is made up of a thin outer shell with a sponge-like bone on the inside. If that thin outer layer breaks, it is very easy for the spongy inside to fragment and collapse.

These types of fractures are serious injuries because they can cause damage to joints, which can inhibit the way your foot functions. A calcaneal fracture can also lead to further foot problems down the road, like arthritis and chronic pain.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of a calcaneal fracture will depend on how the fracture was sustained. A stress fracture will give different symptoms than a traumatic fracture. If you suffer a traumatic fracture of the calcaneal bone, you may exhibit the following symptoms:  

With a stress fracture of the calcaneus, you will often have more localized pain. The pain may disappear for a while with rest, only to return again when you resume activity. You may also have swelling or bruising, but not always.



If you suspect a calcaneal fracture, you need to see a doctor. Stay off the foot and apply ice to injured area to keep swelling down until you can see your podiatrist.

Do not wait around or try to treat this sort of injury at home. It is a serious injury that needs to be treated by a medical professional.












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