Pediatric Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common childhood complaint. Just because kids suffer from heel pain fairly often, though, doesn’t mean it is okay to ignore it.

If your child is suffering from foot pain, you should consult with a podiatrist. Never wait for foot pain to just go away on its own. It’s never normal for a child to have heel pain and it should always be evaluated.In children, the most common cause of heel pain is calcaneal apophysitis. In adults, the

most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. They are different conditions and have different symptoms and treatments, so you just because a child is having heel pain, doesn’t mean it is like your own or should be treated in the same way adult heel pain is treated.

Heel pain in adolescents is often attributed to the calcaneus, or the heel bone, because the heel bone doesn’t fully develop until fourteen years old or older. A child has weak spots in the growth plate of the heel where the new bone is still developing. If too much stress is placed on the growth plate, it can cause pain.

There are, of course, other causes of pediatric heel pain, such as a fracture or an Achilles tendon injury, so if your child is having pain, get a proper evaluation.


Pediatric heel pain often occurs with the following symptoms:


Treatments for pediatric heel pain may include:


You can help to prevent pediatric heel pain by helping your child stay at a healthy weight (obesity can contribute to heel pain), making sure your child wears supportive, well-made shoes that are appropriate for their activities (avoid putting your child in cleated athletic shoes), and by making sure your child doesn’t overdo it.

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