I can walk pain free! After almost two years of treatments, equipment, behavior changes, and pain, plantar fasciitis was still affecting my everyday life. Working two jobs and depending on my ability to walk, I thought I was out of non-surgical options. The sonic treatments in the office, offered by Dr. Neuhaus and his staff, provided an option that was not previously available. I underwent weekly sonic treatment for four weeks. After the first week I could tell an amazing difference. After the second week I was able to walk noticing pain only first thing in the morning and later in the evening. After the third week I was pain free and able to resume walking as an exercise rather than a painful event. A month after the fourth treatment I am still pain free and walking 5K at least three times a week! Thank you Dr. Neuhaus.
Sincerely,Melody Rose, RN

Dr, Neuhaus listened to my symptoms, checked out my foot and performed the necessary treatment. He had great bedside manner and great listener. I am now cured because of the treatment.

With the new technology in the office, Dr. Neuhaus was about to help my foot out tremendously. I am now pain free and can walk better than ever! Thank you!

Dr. Neuhaus was able to get right to my foot problems and explained my problem in detail. Great bedside manner and great staff. I am so glad that I was referred to this office. Also, I love the computer screens in the exam rooms while waiting. I was able to read and learn different information about foot problems as well as see pictures of Dr. Neuhaus' family.

The office was the most pleasant experience I have had at a doctor's office.

By providing me with good instruction on wound care while at home, I was able to take care of myself without the cost. Dr. Neuhaus also gave me a positive outlook on my particular situation. Great care and thorough attention of my wound during my visits.

Dr. Neuhaus went through many treatment options with me including therapy and surgery. He went the extra mile to take care of me and made sure I was comfortable with every treatment option.

Dr. Neuhaus has been great with all the trouble my ankles have been since he removed the mass. I couldn't ask for a better doctor or office staff. The entire office is fantastic and I most definitely will recommend him to my friends and coworkers.

With Dr. Neuhaus' treatment, I am now 100% better. Great work and extremely nice to talk to. Thanks for everything!
- K.B.

I tell everyone about Dr. Neuhaus if they are having problems with their feet. All of the staff are so kind and caring with or without Dr. Neuhaus there in the office.

I have had Plantar Fasciitis for several years. Many shots of cortisone and exercise with only temporary relief. Dr. Neuhaus performed a procedure, which included deadening the nerve. YUREKA!! I am now pain free after 5 years. Thanks Dr. Neuhaus!! You and your staff have made this a great experience. I highly recommend this procedure and other services. The entire office seems to be highly trained professionals. I will be part of this Neuhaus family for all of my podiatry needs.


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